The Dance Around
The Fire
Pete M. Wyer

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This chapbook of poems reads like a year in the life of a poet, with vignettes and snippets of life, gleaming from balconies of big cities, from picture frames, from deserted railway stations. It’s a story of motion, of existentialism, forays into politics and into the heads of composition teachers and passengers awaiting departure. It’s a story that sings songs of the dead and relishes the living, showcasing nature, the little things, the moments that make us all human.

· Poetry
· In stock
· Published by Alternating Current
· 4.25” x 5.5”
· Saddled-stapled, laser-printed chapbook
· Heavy cardstock full-color wraparound cover
· Full-color printing on white paper
· 52 pages
· First edition released February 4, 2013

Also available at University at Buffalo Special Collections Library; Buffalo, New York

Poetry Contents:
  • Out Of Luck
  • Religious Amnesia
  • New Era
  • Out On The Plain
  • Fairy-Tale Ending
  • Existential Erratum
  • Fragments
  • Radio
  • A Glimpse Of The Afterlife
  • Neanderthal. A Short Stage Play
  • Last Night In Paris
  • Waking At Cousin Kathleen’s
  • Simultaneity
  • Crass Jingles
  • Politics, Then War
  • Imprint
  • Awaiting Departure
  • Anniversary
  • The Sea And The Land
  • The End Of The Conversation
  • Chapman Studio
  • The Truth About The Wildebeest
  • Under Snow In Chelsea
  • The Marina CafĂ©
  • Trying On Hats
  • Downtown Quartet
  • Rome
  • Low Tide
  • A Last Miracle
  • London Bridge, 4:27 a.m.
  • Warsaw At The Millennium
  • Shapes Masquerading As Objects
  • A New Earth
  • Mirror
  • The Composition Lesson
  • The Chemistry Lesson
  • Balcony Scene
  • This Dust
  • The Dance Around The Fire
  • Princess Ozoku

“Low Tide”

We were used to the rhythm of tides.
We’d sat by calm water,
Been ruffled by restless winds.
We didn’t suspect
The rotted wrecks
Caught among the jagging rocks
That steered the course of the river,
Starkly revealed by this day.

He closes his eyes.
We, his friends,
Sit in silence.