Riding Fences: Essays on Being LGBTQ+ in Rural Areas

Riding Fences: Essays on Being LGBTQ+ in Rural Areas is open for submissions. Submit here.

OCT 25 UPDATE: All current submissions for this anthology have been read. If your submission is still in the queue marked IN-PROGRESS, then you are still under consideration and have moved on to the next round of readers. Submissions are open, and the anthology is 50% filled. We anticipate that submissions will close by early 2021 and that editing/layout will begin by spring 2021 for a summer 2021 release.

Accepted Pieces:
Resistance, or The Queer Art of Coiffure by Joshua G. Adair
This One's for the Girls by Zev Alexander
Independence Avenue by Christopher Calcara
Consider the Lug Nuts by Catharina Coenen
Plucked Chickens by Edward M. Cohen
Rural Identity Politics: Where I Live, It's LGBT or Q by Lindsey Danis
My Life, in Transition by Amy Fowler
A Brief History by Tyler Friend
So Many Fires by Stacy Jane Grover
Elegy/Eulogy by Sawyer Lovett
I Left a Girl in Dover Plains by Aaron Muller
Crush Hour by Josef Steiff
Government Cheese by Josef Steiff