• Million Writers Award Nominations •

About Alternating Current’s Million Writers Award Nominations

We here at Alternating Current Press feel that it is highly important to reward our authors with every possible chance for recognition of their fine crafts. We are pleased to announce that we have been nominating our authors’ work for the Million Writers Award since we began our online publishing in 2013, and we wish our writers the best of luck in the award process. The Million Writers Award is an annual online award anthology curated and hosted by storySouth, honoring the best online short stories. Independent publishers are invited to nominate 3 short stories published in their online journals in the previous year, and each individual may additionally recommend one short story from a journal other than his own. Readers are then invited to recommend and vote on the year’s best online stories.

2016 Nominees

“Any Similarities between the Characters in This Purely Fictional Story and Actual Individuals Are Purely Coincidental” by Phill Arensberg (The Coil)
“It Won’t Always Be Like This” by Seth Clabough (The Coil)
“Fearsome Critters” by Justin Muschong (The Coil)

Our Recommendation: “Of Two Minds” by Marléne Zadig (Split Lip Magazine)

2015 Nominees

“Inheritance” by Stephanie Liden (The Coil)
“Chindi” by Eric Shonkwiler (The Coil)
“Frequencies Between” by Eric Shonkwiler (The Coil)

Our Recommendation: “Nettle Creek Cemetery” by Eric Shonkwiler (Cheap Pop)

2014 Nominees

“A Hindershot of Calion” by Schuler Benson (The Coil)
“A Slow Dance in the Afternoon” by Mia Eaker (The Coil)
“Stoop” by Alexa Mergen (The Coil)

Our Recommendation: “Rene” by Eric Shonkwiler (Fiddleblack)