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Alternating Current at the APRIL Book Expo in Seattle, April 1

Join our lovely editor Amanda Jean at the Alternating Current table during the APRIL Festival (Authors, Publishers and Readers of Independent Literature) Book Expo in Seattle, at the Hugo House, 1021 Columbia St, on April 1, 2017, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. Meet publishers and browse books from over 50 independent presses, including AC. Lectures and readings will also be held throughout the day in Hugo House classrooms. Our table will have free AC swag all day, plus deep discounts on all our titles. Join us at our Facebook Event page!

NEW RELEASE! A Room in Dodge City by David Leo Rice on sale now!

A Room in Dodge City follows a nameless drifter into an American heart of darkness. In this nightmarish version of the historic Dodge City, mythic beasts crawl out of the woodwork; bizarre rituals are enacted; and death is never the end. Equal parts humor and horror-show, DAVID LEO RICE’s novel combines the mundaneness of modern life—motels, strip malls, temp jobs—with something stranger, darker, and more eternal. Told through linked vignettes that read like metaphoric fairytales gone wrong, Dodge City consumes the reader just as it slowly consumes the drifter, leaving all to wonder whether any of us can ever truly escape this world—or our own. Buy it now!

Alternating Current recent news & posts from The Coil

DAVID LEO RICE’s A Room in Dodge City is named one of Brian Evenson’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017: “A deeply odd book in all the best ways. It’s the kind of book that after you read it you wonder ‘What the hell just happened to me?’”

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•Aline Ohanesian’s Orhan’s Inheritance is our 2016 Coil Book Award winner for Best Book in the Independent Press.