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DEC 4: Updated PDF and paperback ARCs are available for David Leo Rice’s A Room in Dodge City 2: The Blut Branson Era. If you are interested in reviewing, interviewing, or promoting, please request an ARC.

DEC 3: Submissions for The Tertiary Lodgers: An Anthology of Fiction from the First-Person Viewpoints of Secondary and Tertiary Classic Characters are now closed. All authors have been notified of acceptance; please check your Submittable messages. We have accepted 32 pieces for this collection.

NOV 30: All book royalties for the month of OCT have gone out.

OCT 26: Editing for Remapping Wonderland: Classic Fairytales Retold by People of Color has begun. Included authors received a Submittable message this evening indicating instructions for the initial editing process. Please turn in beginning materials by Monday, November 2, 2020.

OCT 25: We have now created links for all the books below in our Coming Soon section, so you can see updates directly on those pages for each new project.

Recent Posts and Publications

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[READ FREE]  Stela & Brandy: An Excerpt from Tara Lynn Masih’s & James Claffey’s The Bitter Kind
[READ FREE]  St. Lucie: An Excerpt from Karin Cecile Davidson’s Sybelia Drive
[READ FREE]  The Moons of Jupiter: An Excerpt from Tara Isabel Zambrano’s Death, Desire, & Other Destinations
[READ FREE]  The Collector: Margo Orlando Littell’s Gallery of Strangers
[READ FREE]  Slipping In & Out of Landscapes: An Interview with Billy Kahora
[READ FREE]  Caveat Lector: Personal Essay by Lina Chern
[READ FREE]  Jo Scott-Coe Talks to Herself: A Self-Interview about MASS: A Sniper, a Father, and a Priest
[READ FREE]  Carve and Release: Poem by Michelle Lizet Flores
[READ FREE]  your salt ...: Poem by Sean J. Mahoney
[READ FREE]  Doe Season in Mamma’s Kitchen: Poem by Christina M. Ward
[READ FREE]  Heavy Lifting: On Caregiving, Sexuality, and ALS: Personal Essay by Deirdre Fagan
[READ FREE]  Community or Self: On Jeff Vande Zande’s The Neighborhood Division and Other Stories by Shari L. Berg
[READ FREE]  Queerfella: Poem by Poem by Simon Maddrell
[READ FREE]  Law 116: Poem by Angelica Esquivel

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