Poiesis Review #1-5: A Literary Journal Archive

Poiesis Review #1-5: A Literary Journal Archive by 73 Authors

Poiesis Review #1-5: A Literary Journal Collected Archive
119 Poems by 73 Authors

The Violet Ray Series is an archival preservation collection of chapbooks and limited-edition publications from the first twenty years of pre-digital operation at Alternating Current Press. The mission of the series is to preserve, reprint, and digitize the voices of the zine generation at the turn of the new millennium.

Poiesis Review #1-5 is a collected archive of poems that comprises the first five issues of the print journal from 2008-2012, with poems dating as far back as 1991. The journal contains 119 poems in 164 pages of writing by 73 of the best poets in the independent press, including those at the turn of the new millennium.

Poiesis Review is one of the only literary journals in existence that features a blend of today’s up-and-coming promising rookies alongside the staples and legends of the last few decades in the pre-Internet literary underground. Nowhere else will you find such a smattering of the writers’ spectrum or such a truly accurate cross-section of all walks of the literary world—what five-time Pushcart Prize nominee and Wisconsin Regional Writers Association Award winner Charles P. Ries called “young blood running with old blood.”

The Featured Writers in this archive are T. Kilgore Splake, with odes to his great Northern Michigan, and the late Robert Schuler, with his poems of jazz, France, skiing, and love.

Trigger warnings: abortion, AIDS, war, postpartum depression, domestic violence, death (all very mild and poetic)

Winners & Finalists for 2012 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

First Place: “Kind to a Spider” by Tim Staley
Second Place: “Suggestion Box” by Ray Larsen
Third Place: “how to kill a flower” by Sharon Zeisel

Winners & Finalists for 2011 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

First Place: “Amphitheater” by Gary Every
Second Place: “Quality Time” by Tim Scannell
Third Place: “Understanding Anita” by Bob Sharkey

Winners & Finalists for 2010 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

First Place: “Contagious” by Stephanie Hiteshew
Second Place: “Yardwork” by Gary Every
Third Place: “Just Another Word” by Pamela Annas

Winners & Finalists for 2009 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

First Place: “The Fall of Miss Sopa, Eater of Clay” by Julie Buffaloe-Yoder
Second Place: “The Rosebud” by Jason Fisk
Third Place: “A Mother’s Mantra” by Rebecca Schumejda
Fourth Place: “on art and war” by justin.barrett
Fifth Place: “Hayden Carruth Suite” by Glenn W. Cooper

Winners & Finalists for 2008 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

First Place: “Cleaning Up at the Hamtramck Burger Chef” by Don Winter
Second Place: “Jumper” by Kevin M. Hibshman
Third Place: “in the poetry section of brown university bookstore, providence, ri” by Zoe A. Jaimot

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Praise for Poiesis Review

Poiesis Review is an important collection of the best and brightest writers of the small press. Frankly, it just doesn’t make sense not to own a copy. Dare I say it might be the only small press journal you need? Every issue is an event not to be missed.”
—J. Lewis Fleming,
author of Why Is My Lemon Tea Red?

Poiesis Review proves that there are wonderful editors left in the world. This journal has genuine heart and concern for its writers and the promotion of their work. That makes a big difference to me when I’m deciding which journals to promote and where to send my dollars.”
—Julie Buffaloe-Yoder,
author of Price Reduced Again

“Inside are some of the finest contemporary small press writers plying their trade in the independent scene today.”
—Doug Holder,
editor at Ibbetson Street Press and author of Last Night at the Wursthaus

About Poiesis Review #1-5

• Poetry by Various Authors
• Published by Alternating Current Press
• 5½” x 8½” Perfectbound Trade Paperback
• Cream Paper, 164 Pages
• Also Available in PDF Digital Format
• Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946580-18-4
• Print ISBN-10: 194658018X
• First Edition: June 23, 2020
Permalink | Short URL: tinyurl.com/poiesis1-5
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Poiesis Review #1-5

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Authors in Poiesis Review #1-5

• Pamela Annas
• Sherry Asbury
• Timothy Beer
• Michael S. Begnal
• Guy R. Beining
• John Berbrich
• Janice Brabaw
• April Michelle Bratten
• Ferruccio Brugnaro
• Dan Buck
• Julie Buffaloe-Yoder
• P. B. C.
• Terry Clarke
• Glenn W. Cooper
• Bill Costley
• Henry Denander
• Jim DeWitt
• Joseph Dorazio
• R. Emolo
• Michael Estabrook
• Gary Every
• Jason Fisk
• Ashley Gatewood
• Lila Goodman
• Mary Guckian
• George Held
• Kevin M. Hibshman
• Jack Hirschman
• Stephanie Hiteshew
• Zoe A. Jaimot
• Mignon Ariel King
• Arthur Winfield Knight
• Zack Kopp
• Michael Kriesel
• Ray Larsen
• Father Luke
• Giovanni Malito
• William Martinez
• Patrick McKinnon
• Bruce McRae
• Jason Monios
• Rod Naquin
• Normal
• K. Nuzzo
• Kez Panel
• Alvin Park
• Simon Perchik
• M. P. Powers
• T. F. Rice
• Charles P. Ries
• Harland Ristau
• Justin Rogers
• Tim Scannell
• Robert Schuler
• Rebecca Schumejda
• David Sermersheim
• Bob Sharkey
• Denis Sheehan
• Arnold Skemer
• Joe Speer
• Spiel
• T. Kilgore Splake
• Tim Staley
• David J. Thompson
• Ross Vassilev
• Donovan White
• Neal Wilgus
• Patrice M. Wilson
• Don Winter
• Paula Anne Yup
• Sharon Zeisel

About the artists

Front cover artwork: “I Must Get to Boston,” acrylic on canvas board by Leah Angstman.

The interior covers of issues #1 and #2 were both painted by Leah Angstman. The interior cover of issue #3 was painted by Theo Nelson. The interior cover of issue #4 was painted by Justin Jackley. The interior cover of issue #5 was photographed by Misti Rainwater-Lites.

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