Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists by 62 Authors

Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientist by 62 Authors

Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists
69 poems by 62 authors

An anthology of poets writing about scientists.

At the intersection of science and poetry, strange things happen. There exists such a bizarre human experience and shared understanding, that we can’t help but admire and celebrate it. It’s transcendent—the crossover of discovery and beauty. The physical solid realism and the ethereal intangible ideas. The inexplicable, the long-desired solutions, the struggle that comes in between. Exploring this intersection with 69 poems by 62 poets, this anthology is nothing if not transcendent in its own right. Each poem is written about an individual scientist, the fundamentals and atmosphere of each scientist—something humanistic that breathes life into his being, into her work, into their experiment. From microbiologist parents to role-model mentors to LGBTQ+ kinship with ostracized queerness to the women who’ve been written out of discoveries to the underdogs overlooked for Nobels, the pieces are searching and full of light, passionate and full of awe.

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About Spectral Lines

• Poetry about Scientists
• Published by Alternating Current Press
• 5½” x 8½” Perfectbound Trade Paperback
• Cream Paper, 126 Pages
• Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946580-08-5
• Print ISBN-10: 1-946580-08-2
• First Edition: February 26, 2019
• Cover Artwork by Kelsey Thompson
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Authors in Spectral Lines

• Kathy Ackerman
• Leah Angstman
• Tani Arness
• Harvey Aughton
• Carol Barrett
• Matilda Berke
• Leah Bishop
• Amanda Bloom
• Carl Boon
• James Broschart
• Brianna Bullen
• Mackenzie Bush
• Hannah Carr-Murphy
• Alan Catlin
• Robin Chapman
• Catharina Coenen
• Sanda Moore Coleman
• Heather Combe
• Jessica Conley
• Mikaela Curry
• Chase Dimock
• Caroline DuBois
• C. W. Emerson
• Jane Frank
• Corinna German
• Emryse Geye
• Megan Gieske
• Kathleen R. Gilbert
• Ellen Goldstein
• Robin Gow
• Peter J. Grieco
• Liz Hart
• Carrie Purcell Kahler
• Charles Kersey
• Robert Kibble
• Anna Leahy
• Michael H. Levin
• Bryanna Licciardi
• Colleen Maynard
• Kindra McDonald
• Ethan Milner
• Ilan Mochari
• Sarah Mooney
• Wilda Morris
• Linnea Nelson
• Monica Ong
• David Pring-Mill
• Neil Rhind
• Alyssa D. Ross
• Sara Sams
• Lorraine Schein
• Roger Sippl
• Bruce Taylor
• Armin Tolentino
• Sherre Vernon
• Elosham Vog
• Tori Grant Welhouse
• Abbey Willman
• Christie Wilson
• Steve Wilson
• Kaylyn Wingo
• Amy Wright

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