• Advertising on The Coil •

We have an innovative pay-what-you-can approach to advertising on The Coil that doesn’t leave anyone out of the promotional loop for lack of funds. While we are an independent publisher and magazine that needs your funding to survive, we understand that the majority of our readership and sponsorship are also independent writers, presses, readers, and nonprofit organizations who’d like promotion, but can’t always afford it. We want to promote you, too, and we don’t want to break your bank just to enrich ours.

We rely on you for support. We currently have over 20,000 readers and 5,000 list subscribers, and we gain 30-50 loyal readers per day. We pay our authors. The majority of our staff is volunteer, but we’d like to pay all our core editors as soon as we can. It takes hours and hours every single day to bring you The Coil, and our top editors never rest; they work from sunup to sundown every day to bring emerging writers into the literary fold. So, to purchase an advertisement on our magazine, we have no set prices; we simply ask you to pay what you think it’s worth to you. That’s it. No strings attached. Just the honor system.

The banner fits the page like this:

Design your own banner. The width should be at least 1,000px. We recommend a height of 130px to 180px or so, but you may adjust your height size to fit what you need. We just ask you to configure your price accordingly to what you think that’s worth to you. If there are spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes in your banner, we’ll ask you to fix them before we run the advertisement. Banners link to an external site, so be sure to give us your link.

Not a designer? We’ll design your ad for you. Just tell us what you want it to say, provide necessary images, and pay what you think that’s worth.

You decide how many times you want the ad to run. If it has specific dates, tell us. If you want it to run for a day or a month, just pay what you think that’s worth. Want to run 20 different ads over 20 different days? You may upload up to 75 ads or images for designwork in one submission; just pay what you think that’s worth.

First, pay what you can for the advertisement:

Second, submit your form, files, and information:

We have the right to refuse to print any advertisement that does not conform to our ideals or guidelines. If your advertisement is refused, your payment will be refunded. A percentage may be taken out of a refund if our designers already began work on a design. There are no refunds once the advertisement has run, even if we have to pull it later for any necessary reasons that arise.