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Uncity, Lean: Poems by Michael Cooper

Uncity, Lean: Poems by Michael Cooper Uncity, Lean header banner

Uncity, Lean
Poems by Michael Cooper

Uncity, Lean cover artwork

“Chain-linked trauma rendered and refracted through searing intellect.”
—Deirdre Fagan,
author of Have Love and The Grief Eater

Uncity, Lean captures images of growing up in the Inland Empire, through the lens of urban surrealism, intertwined with war PTSD, childhood trauma, abuse, suicide, and an unconditional nexus of friendship. Michael Cooper doesn’t shy from the visceral or the unkind, but also reverences the idee fixe and the keening bonds of our necessary yesses. This is the story of unbecoming, dis-integrating, unlearning. Absence as presence. An echo of “be, not seem,” returning as a love call to the universe so near at hand, home.

Content warnings: suicide, childhood trauma, child abuse, dog death

Uncity, Lean on Square

Perfectbound Trade Paperback $16.99

Uncity, Lean on Square
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Praise for Uncity, Lean

“There is something of Jason Isbell and a little of William S. Burroughs and a good deal of Michael Cooper off on his own distinctive and trippy thing in these powerful poems of trauma and memory.”
—Benjamin Goluboff,
author of Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse

“Chain-linked trauma rendered and refracted through searing intellect.”
—Deirdre Fagan,
author of Have Love and The Grief Eater

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About Uncity, Lean

• Poetry
• Published by Alternating Current Press
• 5” x 8” Perfectbound Trade Paperback
• Cream Paper, 106 Pages
• Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946580-22-1
• First Edition: February 2, 2021
Permalink | Short URL: tinyurl.com/uncitylean
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Uncity, Lean

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Reviews for Uncity, Lean

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About Michael Cooper

MICHAEL COOPER is an Inland Empire poet, PoetrIE member, MFA student, veteran, and father of two great sons: Markus and Jonathan. His work is in Tin Cannon, The Pacific Review, The Chaffey Review, The Coil, The Camel Saloon, The Los Angeles Review, H-NGM-N, The Berkeley Review, The Portland Review, The Sky Is a Free Country: The Luminaire Award Anthology Vol. 1, and other fine (but wild) publications. Michael would like to make you aware that the splash zone includes the first eleven rows.

About artwork for Uncity, Lean

Front and back cover designed by Leah Angstman. Cover and interior artwork by Mad Max.

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