Carefully Peeled Edges: The Luminaire Award Anthology, Volume 2

Carefully Peeled Edges: The Luminaire Award Anthology, Volume 2 is currently in its initial editing phases. This page will be updated when preorders are available.

Accepted Pieces:
Broken Waltz, City Street by S. R. Aichinger
‘A Paper Doll Speaks’ or ‘Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like a Woman’ in Three Parts by Shay Alexi
Living in English by Threa Almontaser
MacMahan Island by Sarah Anderson
Why Jamaicans Do Not Exist in Fairytales by Morgan Christie
Thematic Cartography by Chloe N. Clark
Isabella, Collated by Sophia G. Denney
Molcajete by Angelica Esquivel
Imperfect Numbers by Kristina Gaddy
Sharon's Lover Is Dissipating by James R. Gapinski
Post-Script: Denali by Andrea L. Hackbarth
Things / I know to be true, / but will never prove by Omotara James
How the Lonesome Engine Drivers Pine by Sean Madden
Ephemeral Girls by L. L. Madrid
The NIEMS Method by James McAdams
Phagocyte by James McAdams
We went to Polonnaruwa to find history by Subashini Navaratnam
You Are Not Just Anything by Mason O'Hern
The Necessary Emptying by Christine Ann Olivas
My Father at the Funeral by Helen Park
(Han)kuk by Esther Ra
Knitting by Carla Scarano D'Antonio
At the Seams by Chloe Seim
Rabbit Pie by Hayden Smith
Confiteor 2 by Teresa Sutton
Waking to Pablo Neruda Pumping My Chest by Lindsey Th├Ąden
What form this time by Torrie Valentine
Entanglement by Joel Wachman
I Thought Pigeons Were Vegetarians by Barrett Warner
Insomnia by Barrett Warner