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JUN 11: We have gone through and addressed all our overdue fiction pieces. Please check your Submittable messages if you did not hear from us. We will be going back through the list to touch base again next week.

MAR 28: We sent out an update via Submittable to all Footnote #4 authors, updating you on the beginning editing process, materials needed, and requesting any edits that were made to pieces between acceptance and now. Our editing process has begun, and we are reaching out with edits to each author individually. Please keep an eye on your Submittable messages.

Congratulations to our nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net Award: S. R. Aichinger, Andrea L. Hackbarth, Wes Jamison, Linda Quinlan, Ricky Ray, Daryl Scroggins, Melanie S. Smith, and Teresa Sutton!

Due to a recent misunderstanding, we want to clarify for all authors that royalty spreadsheets are only updated when there are new sales. If there are no sales for the specified time period, then spreadsheets are not updated at that time.

Recent Posts and Publications

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