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JAN 1: Submissions for Breathing While Black: Black Writers Respond to Police Violence are now closed. We are currently reading through submissions in the queue, and all authors will be notified of acceptances by JAN 31.

DEC 4: Updated PDF and paperback ARCs are available for David Leo Rice’s A Room in Dodge City 2: The Blut Branson Era. If you are interested in reviewing, interviewing, or promoting, please request an ARC.

DEC 3: Submissions for The Tertiary Lodgers: An Anthology of Fiction from the First-Person Viewpoints of Secondary and Tertiary Classic Characters are now closed. All authors have been notified of acceptance; please check your Submittable messages. We have accepted 32 pieces for this collection.

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[READ FREE]  The Collector: Margo Orlando Littell’s Gallery of Strangers
[READ FREE]  Slipping In & Out of Landscapes: An Interview with Billy Kahora
[READ FREE]  Caveat Lector: Personal Essay by Lina Chern
[READ FREE]  Jo Scott-Coe Talks to Herself: A Self-Interview about MASS: A Sniper, a Father, and a Priest
[READ FREE]  Carve and Release: Poem by Michelle Lizet Flores
[READ FREE]  your salt ...: Poem by Sean J. Mahoney
[READ FREE]  Doe Season in Mamma’s Kitchen: Poem by Christina M. Ward
[READ FREE]  Heavy Lifting: On Caregiving, Sexuality, and ALS: Personal Essay by Deirdre Fagan
[READ FREE]  Community or Self: On Jeff Vande Zande’s The Neighborhood Division and Other Stories by Shari L. Berg
[READ FREE]  Queerfella: Poem by Poem by Simon Maddrell
[READ FREE]  Law 116: Poem by Angelica Esquivel

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