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Poetry by B. Z. Niditch


The Wardenclyffe Series is a collection of books preserving the words of Beat and Post-Beat poets whose work first saw publication prior to the new millennium and the digital age. Alternating Current Press eagerly acquires the work of voices past to influence the voices of the future.

Through the eyes of a war-child violin prodigy who came of age in the era of Beat and Post-Beat poets comes this collection of homages, profiles, and brief flashes of singsong odes to pop culture and The Greats of centuries past. With the stream-of-consciousness that bookended the Beat age, Niditch—a longstanding staple of the outlaw poetry scene—taps into his love of jazz rhythms, the nature of oceanside New England, and the poets, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and theatrical performers who were his poetic forebears and influences through decades of shifting culture. From war-time French poets to ostracized gay artists to pop icons to persecuted religious and political prisoners, Niditch splashes bright acrylic over the canvas of analysis and essence, pulling from a bygone era its nuances and lasting legacies, and framing them in the lens of contemporary artistic, political, and social awareness.

Perfectbound Trade Paperback $14.99

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To pay by well-concealed cash, check, or money order: For regular paperback copies, send $14.99 per book plus shipping. U.S. CUMULATIVE SHIPPING: 1-2 books, add $4.00. 3-5 books, add $5.00. 6-10 books, add $6.00. 11 or more, add $10.00. Please email us for international shipping rates, and we’ll calculate them for you. Be sure to include a mailing address for physical orders. We do not accept personal international checks. All other personal, business, or cashiers checks or money orders: follow THIS LINK for current mailing address and how to make checks payable. To pay by Chase QuickPay or PopMoney, send the payment to email address alt.current {at} gmail.com. Be sure to include the shipping price for physical orders. Include a note or send us an email with a mailing address for physical orders.

About The Sky Is a Free Country

• Poetry, Fiction
• Published by Alternating Current Press
• 5½” x 8½” Perfectbound Trade Paperback
• Cream Paper, 138 Pages
• Also forthcoming in Digital Format
• Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946580-06-1
• Print ISBN-10: 1-946580-06-6
• Digital ASIN: Forthcoming
• Digital eISBN: Forthcoming
• First Edition: July 2016
• First Print Edition: February 5, 2019
• Cover Artwork by Loui Jover
Permalink | Short URL: tinyurl.com/luminiaire1
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Images for public use for Poiesis Review #6

Click to download high-resolution front cover artwork by Terry Fan.

Sneak Peek at Poiesis Review #6 (Scroll inside box if blank.)

Authors in The Sky Is a Free Country

• Schuler Benson
• Mike Bernicchi
• Gavin Broom
• Mary Buchinger
• Jared A. Carnie
• Kevin Catalano
• Michael Cooper
• Mia Eaker
• J. Lewis Fleming
• Andrei Guruianu
• Steve Karas
• Noel King
• Stephanie Liden
• Alexa Mergen
• Normal
• Charles P. Ries
• Constance Sayers
• Eric Shonkwiler
• John Vicary
• Sarah Ann Winn
• Amy Wright
• Pete M. Wyer

2013 Luminaire Awards for Best Poetry and Best Prose

Best Poetry

1st Place: “No Sad Songs in the House of the Sun” by Shauna Osborn
2nd Place: “Influences of Light” by Charles P. Ries
3rd Place: “Another Birthday” by Sean Brendan-Brown
4th Place: “Waiting Tables in Reno” by Doug Draime
5th Place: “Low Tide” by Pete M. Wyer

Best Prose

1st Place: “Vandals” by Nathan Graziano
2nd Place: “Our Place” by Neil Serven
3rd Place: “Near to Him” by Charles P. Ries
4th Place: “An Inheritance” by Janette Schafer
5th Place: “Pea Soup” by Christina Elaine Collins

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