• Diversity & Marginalized Writers •

What We Stand For
We here at Alternating Current Press reject the hateful rhetoric of the current presidential administration. We reject travel bans and legislation meant to target people of certain cultural backgrounds, races, identities, or sexual orientations. We believe that diverse voices and diverse literature make the world a better place, can teach compassion, and can end biases. We want people to stop being afraid of Muslims. We want to build a safe space for LGBTQUIA+. We want own voices, and Native Americans to have oil-free water, the poor to have access to being heard, and people to stop being shot for the color of their skin. We’re just a small press; we can’t do much. But we believe that we ALL can do more than we’re doing, so as of now, we’re doing all we can. It’s more important than ever to take a stand.

What Steps Are We Taking to Make a Difference?
•We only publish a few books per year, but we vow to make sure at least one of those books is by a woman and/or person of color.

•We have an LGBTQUIA+ Editor (Amanda Jean) who makes sure we have a couple pieces of work per month featured on The Coil that were written by LGBTQUIA+ authors (even if not necessarily about LGBTQUIA+ topics). If you are an LGBTQUIA+ author and would like to have an article, personal essay, booklist, column, story, or other literary piece featured on our daily lit journal, please find Amanda on Twitter and let her know! Find out more about what we accept on The Coil here.

•We are working on anthologies that specifically showcase marginalized voices with new perspectives. Our current open calls are for Retell It Like It Is: Classic Fairytales Retold by People of Color and On Being LGBT+ in Rural Areas and On Being LGBT+ in the Deep South.

Full info coming soon. For now, please see information here.