How Our Funding Donations & Percentages Work

Alternating Current puts together at least one anthology per year that centers around a certain theme. Some are lighthearted and fun. Some are heavy, emotional, and full of underrepresented authors who aren’t being heard enough. Alternating Current donates a percentage of the profits from each anthology to a nonprofit, cause, or charity that fits the specific theme or cause of the respective anthology. These are not anthologies designed for fundraising or for charitable causes, but we try whenever possible to give back and give forward, so it’s a small step.

Here’s how it works:

Alternating Current’s team of editors decides on a theme for an anthology, then decides on a nonprofit, cause, or charity that fits the theme.

In December of the year the anthology is released, Alternating Current calculates the yearly profits of the anthology to make a donation.

Donations range from 5% to 10% of the anthology’s profits. The first donation must have a minimum of $100, so that sets our percentage for the anthology. We start at 5% minimum. If that doesn’t give us a $100 minimum donation, we move to 6%, and so on, capping it at 10%. If 10% does not give us a minimum $100 donation, then we pay the $100 with an advance against sales from the next annual cycle. The rest of the profits go toward the press for paying authors and putting together future publications.

Wherever the percentage lands to give us a first donation of $100, that percentage remains with the anthology throughout the entirety of the anthology’s life and print run, and each December, we make a new donation for annual sales to the respective nonprofit. The percentage is listed on the book’s page after the first donation.

If you have any questions about donations, please don’t hesitate to ask.