Abandoned Blogs Project

Abandoned Blogs Project
is closed for submissions

The Abandoned Blogs eZine Project utilizes the free platform of Blogger blogs to produce multimedia eZines that give exposure to authors and artists in the independent press. The “meta-ness” of the idea is that blogs the world over often get started and abandoned shortly thereafter, but people can stumble upon the forgotten blogs for years and years after they’ve been abandoned, thus leaving the work floating out there in the wild blue yonder for as long as the Internet can last without imploding in on itself. The more people search for these abandoned blogs, the more the blogs rise to the top of search engines, until the material becomes a piece of Internet history forever. And we want a piece of it!

It’s an idea for spreading the work of the independent press throughout the Internet and throughout the world via free outlets: to create a self-contained blog litzine and abandon it for the world to see. First of all, I must say, that while these are called Abandoned Blogs, they are not truly abandoned; they are loved and cherished babies, just not breastfed anymore. The term “abandoned” comes in because once we put them out there for the world, they are done. Completed. No going back. They are no longer ours; they are yours.

We’ve sold chapbooks for twenty years for a mere three bucks, still realizing that the price is too high for some people to take the chance on someone they’ve never read. So here it is for free, revolutionizing the way the independent press is brought to you, utilizing the full multimedia potential of the digital medium, but still maintaining the unique individuality of litzine “issues” or complete chapbooks from “cover” to “cover.”

We’ve created each “issue” for you in this electronic world, a one-of-a-kind, self-contained eBook, using a free and accessible, easy to navigate and easily searchable blog format, in hopes that you will enjoy your venture into the independent press enough to take a chance on it in the future. There will be hundreds of these eZines, joined together under the common name Abandoned Blogs, each one with a unique title and cover, containing hundreds of different independent press works by hundreds of authors and artists. Go find them. They are free, and they are yours for the taking. Pass the links around, let your friends know, and get involved.

But here’s the catch: You have to find them. We don’t tell you where they are, and getting there is half the fun! We’ll get you started, and then you’re on your own.