Artsy Fartsy
Chris Butler

Chapbook 5.00


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Chapbook of poems written in Butler’s in-your-face, intelligent, direct style, the themes of which center around social commentary; how childhood memories and modern technology equally shape the people we become; politics; the dissection of love and loss; character studies in women, sexual attraction, and the people who fill our workplaces, neighborhoods, and beds; and analyses and commentaries on poetry and language. Vivid, playful, direct, sincere, and necessary, all in one breath.

· Poetry
· In stock
· Published by Alternating Current
· 4.25” x 5.5”
· Saddled-stapled, laser-printed chapbook
· Heavy cardstock full-color cover
· Full-color printing on white paper
· 44 pages
· First edition released December 7, 2012

Also available at University at Buffalo Special Collections Library; Buffalo, New York

Poetry Contents:
  • idiot savant
  • slow children at play
  • cap gun
  • hand me down
  • nightlight
  • internet
  • comcast
  • nine/eleven
  • Al Gore afterworld
  • loitering in front of the microwave
  • as the teapot steams
  • internal organ
  • sunny day
  • whoremoans
  • unicorn
  • redhead
  • the morning after
  • hangover
  • oxy
  • clean
  • regret
  • norm
  • urinal
  • anonymous poem
  • immortal poem
  • abab
  • ain’t a word
  • everything is written in pencil

Notes from the author
Artsy Fartsy is Chris Butler’s fifth collection of selected poetry in the “Poems of Pain” series. The poems herein were created and published during the foul years of our lord, Two Thousand and Ten and Two Thousand and Eleven. The remaining poems published by Butler during that fetid time period will be featured in the upcoming sixth collection in the “POP” series, Neurotica: Cambodian Poems 2008-2013.

Some of the poems featured in Artsy Fartsy originally appeared as the 21st work in the Books on Blog™ series from The Camel Saloon in early Two Thousand and Twelve. The complete twenty-four poem collection is available exclusively (for the bargain pricetag of one Abraham Lincoln or five George Washingtons) through Alternating Current.