Leading an Aquamarine Shoat by Its Tail
John F. Buckley

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Twenty-seven poems of wordsmith Buckley’s finest. Clever wordplay, deep analysis, intelligent form, dark humor, from his prose poems to his poems of classic styling. These poems ask questions and provide brain-felt analyses about life, reproduction, natural selection, crisis, death, childhood, and all things in between.

· Poetry
· In stock
· Published by Alternating Current
· 4.25” x 5.5”
· Saddled-stapled, laser-printed chapbook
· Heavy cardstock full-color cover
· Full-color printing on white paper
· 60 pages
· First edition released October 22, 2012

Also available at University at Buffalo Special Collections Library; Buffalo, New York

Poetry Contents:
  • Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Duck Joke
  • What Are We Going to Do Now?
  • The Gospel of Darwin
  • Cancer Is the Answer
  • A Fable
  • Tentatively Writing This Body
  • The Glass Golem
  • Small Elegies
  • Celebration
  • Mothworn
  • Reverie
  • Last Lines of Poems by Fox Brummagem
  • DINK
  • July 1984
  • July 1977
  • Green Arthur
  • The Frotteur
  • Future Lives as Much Better Ex-Popsicles
  • There in the Country, Here in the City
  • Recessional
  • Playing Talk Show
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Gifted Child
  • I’m Not Going to Lie to You
  • Jungle Love
  • Operation: Overshare
  • A Menu of Cerebral Aneurysms

Notes from the author
While my first chapbook, Breach Birth, grew out of a particular moment in time, a number of the poems in Leading an Aquamarine Shoat by Its Tail, such as “July 1977” and “Tentatively Writing This Body,” address my life and aging from a broader perspective. Others, like “The Frotteur” and “A Menu of Cerebral Aneurysms,” imagine alternate lives and narrators alien to my own experience. Overall, the poems in this second chapbook were written between July 22, 2009, and July 8, 2010, and track my continuing evolution as a verbal artist. I hope that you enjoy them and continue to support the fine publications of Alternating Current.