I’m Better Off
Every Four Years

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A concept chapbook of poems and photographs about elections, presidents, major controversial issues in society, the way life is vs. the way life was, and the personal choices voters make. It’s a slap-in-your-face take on whether or not your vote counts, what your vote says about you, and understanding all the things in this country that have gone so awry that no vote could countermand them.

· Poetry and full-color photos
· In stock
· Published by Alternating Current
· 4.25” x 5.5”
· Saddled-stapled, laser-printed chapbook
· Heavy cardstock full-color cover
· Full-color printing on white paper
· 60 pages
· First edition released October 24, 2012

Also available at University at Buffalo Special Collections Library; Buffalo, New York
Also available at Babbitt’s Books; Normal, Illinois
Also available at Brown University Library; Mark Sonnenfeld papers; Providence, Rhode Island
Also available at Oscar A. Silverman Library; University at Buffalo; Buffalo, New York

Prose Contents:
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Ground Zero
Poetry Contents:
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • $1.00 can't buy anything
  • Inherent Representational Flow
  • And That Top Boot Will Always Be There, Winston
  • The Whole 9/11 Yards
  • War of the Best of All Possible Worlds
  • Loose Crypts (with apologies to Tom Lehrer)
  • I Support the Froot Loops
  • Common Huminator Denomanity
  • I Can Also Prove It Doesn’t Exist
  • the last public hanging in Illinois was on April 19, 1928
  • Doctorate in Criminology
  • No Trumpets Blow, No Children Weep
  • Lesberty For All
  • Serving Tammuz (and the wheels on his bus)
  • Have a green, green Stille Nacht
  • Inconvenient E'ch-Pi-El
  • Apples Are a Disease
  • Kitties Are Nice
  • Sniff Cans, Nazi
  • ΕΛΛΑΣ, or Hot Lunch Today: Omega Sandwiches
  • Mighty White'd Out
  • Hitler plays the dozens
  • If Every Pistol in the World Shot Jelly
  • Millionaires and Their Wives
  • Fly and Toot the End of the World at the Same Time
  • Strobe Goth (I Dancin’)
  • Lord Death
  • Castigation obliterates your face
  • Tanned Socialist
  • Preppie Preps Alien, Alien (citizenship)

About the author
CEE is a failed short story writer, failed novelist, and failed playwright. In the early 2000’s, he developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, forcing him, by 2007, to fall back to the shorthand of poetry. Over 600 of his poems have since seen or will see some form of media. He has been printed in such diverse publications as bear creek haiku, Jerry Jazz Musician, Children, Churches and Daddies, Tales of the Talisman, The Storyteller, Barbaric Yawp, The Iconoclast, Poiesis, and Dreams and Nightmares. His poem, “It’s An Old Story,” received a Pushcart Prize nomination in 2009.

CEE is the author of 17 chapbooks, including 12 times 12 equals Gross, Und ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt (You Have Finally Won), I Am Not Sydney Carton, tomB Baby (with Hot Robert Toddy), and Gunther; and has been included in the international mailers of Marymark Press.

Notes from the author
Essential change is impossible; if “it is what it is,” then, fine, that’s the end of it, have a snack. Man, however, is given to tinkering, which seems to be the main thrust of governments … which Man then tinkers with. The latter concept is called “elections” — an ongoing bit of slapstick containing the keywords, “Hey! What’s This Do?”

I’m Better Off Every Four Years, released just before our national election of 2012, is in part topical, but don’t be fooled. I was making a larger point, as is my wont. Anarchist friends often accused me of “speaking in generalities,” and this chapbook is a good example of the ‘how.’ Our culture, our nation, something I like to think of as “a good idea,” is portrayed within these pages as the victim of too many cooks, but the topics are mere backdrop. The real dialog is the dialog you, The Reader, are meant to have, with Self.

The late Molly Ivins referred in an interview to the American process as “the full-throated cry of a free people” (1995); in my playwright phase, a full two years before, I’d anticipated her, when a forlorn protagonist asks, “If it’s all a harangue of voices, how can anyone be heard? How can anyone know to care?” Me, I don’t believe they can … but I’ve lobbed some volleys for you in I’m Better Off Every Four Years. If you choose to return serve, take the poetry on the chin or shoot my thoughts to pieces like so much skeet, what I’m trolling for is reaction. Personal reality. We The People, is You The Person. You’re the GO-square. What do YOU think? If you’re going to live at all connected, nonfriend, then, step back, arm’s length, and see in which way you fit. The only acceptable voter, citizen, or indeed, human creature, is one who obeys without question, Only the dictum of “Know Thyself.” I compiled this chapbook as a guide.