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Foot•note (fŏŏt’nōt') n. 1. A note placed at the bottom of a page of a book or manuscript that comments on or cites a reference for a designated part of the text. 2. Something related to but of lesser importance than a larger work or occurrence[1]. Sounds about like everything important we ever learned in history class, doesn’t it?

Alternating Current prints an annual literary publication dedicated to historical and contemporary views on history, called Footnote. The perfect-bound paperback collection comes out in January, and contains poetry, maps and historical photographs, fiction, essays, articles, and non-fiction by various authors, both contemporary and historical, about any topic of history. History is our passion here at Alternating Current, and we are excited by pieces that give an author’s intimate or emotional take on historical places, people, events, or whatever history means to each author. We give a home to archaic historical rhymes, essays and opinions of the long-since dead, and contemporary voices commenting on historical ideas, people, or events that have touched the authors. Within our pages, you will find contemporary outlooks on history right alongside little-known public domain works that feel as fresh and vibrant as if they were written today. Here, the old meets the new in an explosive way that has never before seen the page, and we welcome you to take part, to discover fascinating history around you and to share it with others. From our history, we learn our future, and there are few things more rewarding.

We strive to locate and print the best works in the independent press, and we have a tremendously picky panel of selection editors. Send in only your best work. Footnote accepts historical works and contemporary commentary of any and every kind dealing with what history or minutiae of history means to you, in submissions of all different types, genres, lengths (prose up to 4,000 words), and subjects. The work is chosen by the editors of Alternating Current, and their decision is final. We print obscure and important public domain works right alongside contemporary authors, as well, so if you’ve stumbled across something pre-1923 that just screams at you, please email us at alt [dot] current [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know about it.

All submitted work is considered, as well, for The Charter Oak Award for Best Historical, which carries rewards of both print and online publication, a certificate, a virtual medallion imprint, and cash honorariums. Read the samples from the annual winners for an idea of what we like to print. If your work is not historical in nature, submit it to the other categories shown in our submissions manager instead.

How to submit writing:
All submissions must be made through our online submissions manager here.

[1] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, ©2000 Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.